9 June - 13 August 2022

Heikki Marila returns to Turku for the summer 2022 with a solo exhibition 7 years after his last museum-exhibition at the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum in 2015.

Marila (born 1966, lives and works in Turku, Finland) is a Finnish artist with an extensive career in painting. The upcoming exhibition will show Marila’s new semi-abstract flower paintings inspired by the 17th century painter Rachel Ryusch’s still lifes as well as new works from the Miasma-series, which depicts dried and decomposed bouquets. The literal meaning of ”Miasma”, a foul stench or unpleasant odour, is a kind of metaphor for the feeling one may experience as a reaction to global circumstances, hostile political atmosphere and the climate catastrophe. The sensation of viewing the fleshy and thick oil paintings by Marila is located somewhere between delight, awe and disgust.

Marila has shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the Scandinavia and Europe and he has received prizes, the most notable being the Carnegie Art Award which he won for his expressive flower paintings in 2012. Marila has made several public works and his works can be found in several important collections such as HAM Helsinki Art Museum, The Saastamoinen Foundation, Turku Art Museum, Tia Collection USA.