14 April - 8 May 2022

Jordi Alcaraz works mainly in the areas of sculpture and painting, but it would be limiting to place his works in either category. The works bend the traditional conceptions of painting as a medium, and explore the unorthodox qualities and possible interpretations different objects and materials possess. Alcaraz’s work is based on the traditions of painting, but instead of continuing on the traditional path he seeks new ways of picture-making. 

Alcaraz incorporates a great number of different materials to his minimalistic works including metal, wood, paper, books, ceramics, as well as transparent objects, like plexiglass (which he sometimes modifies by bending or melting holes in it). Traditional painting mediums and colors are not used to a great extent - instead the artist utilizes the interplay between shadow and light with different materials and surfaces. The distinct black lines of ink and metal wire create circular and angular forms in the midst of three-dimensional layers.

The artist has had numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide including Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada and Switzerland. His works are included in several collections globally, such as MACBA in Barcelona and Yale University Collection. This is the first solo exhibition in the Scandinavia for the renowned Spanish artist who currently lives and works in Barcelona.