Harri Puro

Born 1989 I Lives and works in Turku, Finland 


In his new series Harri Puro examines the modern human and society. In these paintings the individual numbed by reality shows and social media appears alternately as apathetically indifferent or menacing. Cheap Pleasures shows a world steeped in superficiality and materialism, where the fundamental questions of life are blotted out by relentless hedonism and facile sources of pleasure.


The works in the exhibition show the impact of art history, with Puro taking in influences from the dramas and dynamic composition of the baroque era, and from the contents of bacchanal paintings. His skills as a draughtsman are revealed in the charcoal drawings beneath the layer of paint, which serve as the basis for the final work. Drawn and painted impressions are equally valuable as means of expression – the challenge lies in reconciling the two techniques. Puro paints with a rapid, vigorous brush, while at the same time successfully achieving a carefree, yet totally controlled end result that exudes a powerful sense of movement.


Originally from Rovaniemi, Harri Puro represents the new Turku painting. Puro, who is in his last year at the Arts Academy, won the 2018 Art of Basware competition, held at the Clarion Hotel Helsinki in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. His works are in Kiasma’s and numerous private collections.