Jonni Cheatwood

 Born 1986  |  Lives and works in Los Angeles CA, USA



 A creative user of wide variety of materials, Jonni Cheatwood is a painter who mixes oil, alkyds and spray paint on various different surfaces. Cheatwood paints to reflect his feelings; be it feelings on the political situation and the urge to create something beautiful as a counterbalance. The pieces are named after true stories, everyday conversations and events in life. The creative process is always based on intuition and often incudes many different technics and elements.


Cheatwood builds his canvases out of pieces of fabrics, unifying them together almost like a puzzle. Thereafter comes the painting of shapes, outlines and accent marks. In order to action paint and keep his painting process moving, Cheatwood outlines and fills shapes with acrylic or latex that dry fast. In addition, he also prefers the coverage of spray and oil paint, and the textures they give to the surface. In the creative process, Cheatwood finds the individual pieces to be in cohesion with each other: almost like the cartoon characters present in one strip.


Cheatwood’s original inspiration for painting started in graffiti, moving onwards to the action painting of abstract expressionism. An appeal for contrasts makes Cheatwood choose bright colors against the raw canvas colors or white paper. In his new series Cheatwood works with paper in a smaller scale than before, but combining color, shape and material in the same fascinating and intriguing way as always.