Viljami Heinonen

Born 1986 | Lives and works in Tampere


In Heinonen’s newest series of works, the main concept is a zone represented as a painted dimension, in which eras, memories and imaginations merge into an intertwined stream of events, revealing the layer of memories that is associated with spaces and places. Ambivalent characters combine with the surrounding world through the fog or branches to symbolize our connection with nature, the decay of everything and the perishable nature of life. The entire process is entwined in the works with the silence of growing winter gloom.


Heinonen has chosen to realise these works as watercolours,: its light and delicate essence is suited to the portrayal of highly nebulous landscapes and weather. More structured, strong points are realised with a finishing paint and water-soluble sprays.


Heinonen’s way of working is restless, intense and precise. His works form a certain kind of painted collage: still images with a fuzzy, crimson appearance that sometimes look like the fiercest struggles are being enacted on their surface. Heinonen knows the history of modern art and how to make the best use of it. His image-language and treatment of his subjects has many links to punk aesthetics as well as the post-war tradition of informalism and new realism.