Viljami Heinonen

Born 1986 | Lives and works in Tampere


In Viljami Heinonen’s new works hard and fragile meet, with colour and paint oozing from the brushstrokes and patches of incandescent white emerging from the midst of pitch black, while other works are based on interaction between gold pigment and more earthy colours. In place of an oppressive interior, in some parts of the paintings the outside world provides the setting, but the whimsicality of the figures in the earlier works has been preserved in the depiction of the butterflies. 


In their composition these works breathe more than before, with individual elements given plenty of space within them. The thick, nebulous layers of paint are joined by gorgeous combinations of radiantly bright colours, which the painter handles with supreme mastery, and which is further accentuated by the coat of shiny varnish spread on top of them.


Heinonen’s way of working is restless, intense and precise. His works are kinds of painted collages, still images whose lushly ragged exteriors in places make them look as if the fiercest of battles had been waged on their surface. Heinonen knows the recent history of art and is able to make use of what it has to offer. His visual language and his treatment of the subject matter has multiple links with the punk aesthetic and with the tradition of post-war informalism and neorealism.