Born 1990 | Lives and works in Havana (Cuba) and Miami (USA)


Alejandro Piñeiro Bello’s works are flushed with wide swathes of purple, blue, red and black. The material flows naturally on the surface, when the drops of color are dropped into the liquid spread on the canvas. This forms a sequence of chemical events creating the final image. Obviously, the works do not create themselves though, since it is Piñeiro himself initiating the process, but it is up to gravity and weather to do the rest. Hence, the process is an interplay between man and nature and also between the planned and the random occurrences.


Minimalistic in style, all of the paintings in FIELDS are made using one main color. The structure of Piñeiro’s works reminds of the tender quality of watercolor on paper, but these works are made using acrylics on a larger scale. Interest in natural science is visible in all of Piñeiro’s work.


Piñeiro has a history working in multiple mediums, but he is most fascinated with painting. He is interested in the precise moment when an idea takes shape: the state where the idea has not yet taken form, but the essence of it is clear. That unexpected situation where something grabs the imagination and leads one to a trance. One idea turns into another and keeps on evolving, transforming, creating a chain of processes after finally an artwork springs forth.

March 10, 2021