I was born into a family in which art has always played a major role, and still does today. I grew up immersed in art, befriending numerous artists at a very young age, all of which taught me to look at art with open but still critical eyes. All that led to eleven rewarding years as a gallerist working in tandem with my father – a role that called for my participation in art fairs around the world; the lessons and experiences I have acquired along the way have proven to be of immeasurable value.


The decision to open my own gallery came together a year ago, when I felt ready to take the next step. It seemed natural to open a gallery in my hometown, Turku, with which I had maintained strong ties during my Helsinki years. This historically important region creates a strong foundation upon which to operate in a field that, nowadays, tends to transcend international boundaries.


Building up my own gallery and planning the programme has been a tough but extremely rewarding task. I now have the great pleasure to warmly welcome you to my gallery, from which I will be showing every artist with great pride. My hope is that this catalogue will give you a foretaste of

what is to come, while opening a door into MAKASIINI CONTEMPORARY, which will exhibit works both by world-renowned artists and by many who have gained their reputations within Finland.




November 10, 2016