14 October - 21 November 2021

Jason Craighead creates striking juxtapositions in his dynamic paintings by challenging the subtle and spacious layers with frenetically drawn lines and distinct areas of colour. His materials include a variety of different media, such as graphite, oil pastels and acrylic paint, and he adds and reduces layers through drawing, painting and collage to construct the  compositions. The ambiguous linguistic references to personally significant literature, music and poetry that are scattered around the canvas complement his enigmatic narrative.


Accidents and random occurrences also play a big part in the process: before the blank canvas is pinned to the wall it is deliberately left on the studio floor to absorb dropped paint and spillage, along with other marks born of his subconscious mind as he walks around his studio working on other paintings. 


Perpetual Adaptation is Craighead's second solo exhibition at Makasiini Contemporary.