Jukka Mäkelä



Jukka Mäkelä’s works are characterized by abstraction filled with bold, rhythmic brush strokes while preserving a sense of tranquility. A contrast is created between the element of fragile paper on canvas and the thick acrylic linearity, emphasizing both lightness and expressiveness. The use of paper gives the surface new dimensions and unexpected layers.


The paintings are born through the artist getting carried away by the subjects he is into at the moment, and the process always spawns him even more ideas. Mäkelä’s one source of inspiration has been the circus, which he finds to be a visually inspiring spectacle. In the circus series, Mäkelä treats all sections of the surface uniformly which is typical for the so called all-over painting style. No indications are given for a dominant point of interest, as if the brush strokes continue outside the painting. The artist’s another source of inspiration has been the nature. The names of the pieces refer to nature’s processes of melting, creating paths and leaving traces. Instead of uniformity, the organismic forms built out of paper are in the limelight.


The color choices serve in contrasts with the dark lines and forms against the light toned backgrounds. Different contrasts are in focus in Mäkelä’s works, in where he gives the viewer an impression of both spontaneity and orderliness, both power and sensuality.