Samppa Törmälehto

Born 1977 I Lives and works in Helsinki


Samppa Törmälehto’s paintings are dominated by a rough and expressive color scheme, which is the result of mixing different materials and methods. The artist’s new paintings possess a more abstract imagery, although representational elements have been formed during the working process, resulting in figures and creatures emerging from the layered surface of the painting. 


At first the artworks may seem hazardous, but the compositions on Törmälehto’s canvases are in fact surprisingly deliberate. Still there is always room for spontaneity and color splatters may be transformed into birds or human figures in the painting process. Törmälehto’s paintings are the result of a long progression and countless experiments. They have been painted with emotion and their final outcome is not always clear until the work is finished.


Törmälehto’s often humorous subjects are narrative and play with abstract ideas. Although playful and funny, the works also deal with darker topics and from time to time grimmer meanings can be discovered within the comedy. While the subjects of Törmälehto’s paintings vary, are they often inspired by popular culture, the artist’s own everyday experiences and urban life.