Roberto Pugliese

Born 1982  I  Lives and works in Bologna



One of the insights that have set Roberto Pugliese apart from the international Sound Art scene is that he thinks of and realises his works in such a way as to make connections between aspects of reality and the universe of art, often by favouring the visual aspects of technology and of mythopoeia. Pugliese’s works are extremely vivid; they create links between the spheres of attention and empathy, and lead the spectator to participate in the action. Pugliese has found a neutral territory such as sound in order to express himself, but he has also understood that the gurative drift of the human mind, the continuous search for images even in the randomness of marks or clouds, must be followed.


Pugliese graduated from the music conservatory in Naples in 2008 with Electronic Music as his major. His works can be found in collections in Germany and Italy and he has held solo shows since 2009 and taken part in multiple group exhibitions.