Born 1978  |  Lives and works in Jyväskylä and Kuopio


An intuitive painting style, with the brush led by emotions and the senses instead of planned designs, is challenging and exhaustive. Korkiakoski gives everything to the canvas, and the traces that remain have been drawn directly from his inner essence. His hand is animated by music, rhythm and emotion rather than thoughts.


Sami Korkiakoski paints large works in which he often squeezes the paint directly from the tube and uses a spatula, silicone gun or spray paint, or spreads it onto the canvas with his fingers instead of a brush. In a passionate process, he often chooses the instrument that his intuition guides him to as part of a rapid method. A physically-demanding way of painting creates rhythm with the help of tension between the lines and the fabric. The line moves on the fabric with different intensities, creating moods and dialogue: sometimes it is a thin brush or it might be a thick, three-dimensional line. In expressionist works, it can feel as if one is beside the artist, studying how his emotions have been transferred onto the canvas.