Founded in 1998 I Lives and works in Turku


The internationally renowned Turku artists’ group IC-98 (Patrik Söderlund & Visa Suonpää) are known for their meticulously and realistically rendered video animations, with the vistas that they conjure up often taking our thoughts to a time and a world after some imagined catastrophe.


The group’s latest piece, Epokhe (2016), is a break with the realism of their earlier works. It is a kind of cosmic time mechanism, an image of a world where the familiar laws of physics appear to have been abolished.


We see two mountains with their peaks touching to form a kind of hourglass. On the slopes of the lower mountain forest fires send smoke up into the air. On the upper mountain glaciers melt downwards as rain. The smoke and rain are being sucked into the field of gravity of an asteroid belt that orbits at the height of the mountain peaks. These splinters of the total system maintain a delicate balance that constantly threatens to plunge into chaos. So far, the situation feels like it will continue ad infinitum.


The sci-fi fantasies of artists and writers expand our understanding of the world, but they are also cautionary examples of less-desirable futures. Epokhe is another such warning, reminding us what a fine and delicate time mechanism our planet is.