Jenni Vakkilainen

Born 1984  |  Lives and works in Helsinki


In Jenni Vakkilainen’s new works, the viewer is met with the familiar mindscapes full of rich color tones. Vakkilainen has a background in musical studies, which can be seen in her rhythmic use of movement and light. “I listen to music when I paint. Music effects my feelings and the movement of my body, and therefore also my way of painting”. The abstract shapes and the wavy lines sometimes fill the entire canvas, and sometimes are centered only in the middle of it.


The theme of the Daydreaming exhibition are dreams, places and moments. A special feeling has been depicted in every painting. The Impressionism art movement was characterized by the desire of capturing the mood of a certain moment. The aim was to paint an impression of something by using light, movement and color. Vakkilainen succeeds in capturing the atmospheres of the moments by using visible brush strokes, broken colors, and by playing with characters and the feeling of spaciousness in the paintings.


Vakkilainen’s style is characterized by the layered surfaces, utilizing texture and both thick and thin coats of paint. Shapers and color blocks are broken down, merged, covered up and exposed. The viewer is invited to observe the eventful works both from a distance, as well as from nearby laying focus on the details of the careful brushwork. The paintings signal feelings of past moments as well as glimpses of an imaginary world.