Liisa Pesonen

Born 1962  |  Lives and works in Espoo


The title of Liisa Pesonen’s exhibition, Space, refers to the regions between the artist, the viewer and the work, and their interrelationships. In the space inside the work Pesonen conducts a dialogue with painting, but a space can form between the viewer and the work, too. Questions of corporeality arise: can an affect be depicted and relayed to the viewer using the means of painting? A conversation is held on the surface of the work by various apparently contrary elements. The slender, translucent lines are juxtaposed with strong, thickly applied areas of paint, and the different materials, such as sprays, oil-paint pens, oil paints and acrylics, exist in mutual interaction. 


Pesonen’s working process is to a great extent an investigation and contemplation of the nature of painting. Particular objects of scrutiny are the compositions, arrangements and structural components of the image. Pesonen investigates painting primarily through drawing and the line: How does the form emerge as the line turns into a surface and an object? ”The exhibition’s title could just as well have been Line,” Pesonen says. 


These works, which contain conceptual ideas, are varied in style. Pesonen effortlessly combines features of the low-key, tentative, stripped-down exterior of minimalism with bold, resolute expressive language and colour-field painting.