Erika Adamsson

 Born 1973  |  Lives and works in Turku


In Erika Adamsson’s latest exhibition, viewers can identify various subjects. The overarching theme is the feeling of captured moments. Adamsson depicts different atmospheres; both nostalgia as well as a sense of stagnation. At the same time, she manages to create movement and liveliness in her works. Whether it is a child’s face or an interior with a shattered harmony, the viewer is captured by an atmosphere of quiet intensity.


In one sense, Adamsson continues the tradition of genre painting; a movement in which it was common to portray everyday interiors or streets, as well as ordinary people, without bringing their identities or subjectivity into the paintings. On the other hand, she adds a flavour of contemporary expressionism to this by avoiding an utterly realistic depiction of her subject, using energetic strokes mostly made with her hand or a spatula. Adamsson’s style is known for its expressiveness, while we simultaneously perceive a structure. She uses stencils to create an outline for the subject itself, which allows her to make quick, vivid brushstrokes within each demarcated area. The painting then proceeds by peeling the stencil off piece by piece.


Even though the paintings, which are based on photographs, depict certain main objects or people, Adamsson emphasizes that the surroundings can be more meaningful than either. She is not afraid to disrupt the compositions and the harmony by painting in unexpected details, and by approaching her subjects from surprising angles. The pure colours and the surface of the aluminium shining through, contrasting with the broken colours, the ambiences of her paintings, speak of the beauty of everyday life.