Florence Hutchings

Born 1996 I Lives and works in Margate, United Kingdom
Florence Hutchings’ raw and boldly coloured paintings depict the quotidian by studying various interior scenes with their everyday elements and household objects such as flower vases, pots and furniture. Stylistically the works by Hutchings take inspiration from early-20th-century art movements, like cubism, where the subject is flattened, thus disturbing depth perception. Initially upon glancing Hutchings' works it may be difficult to grasp what is being presented, but after a while the forms fall into order and begin making sense. Sometimes the same elements represent different things for different people, but this ambiguity makes for a compelling and surprising viewing experience.

Collage is also important to Hutchings’ painting practice, and the extreme contrast between the layers of thickly applied oil paint combined with flat materials, like paper, result in a lively surface. The works play with bold compositions and striking color schemes: in several images the objects are abruptly cut at the corner of the image, and bright colors of red and yellow are juxtaposed with muted grays and blacks.

Hutchings’ still life works show the power of and bring new life to one of the oldest genres in art history. She received her BFA with First Class Honours from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2019. Since then Hutchings has shown in several group and solo exhibitions in Europe, USA and Asia.