Born 1985  |  Lives and works in Turku, Finland



Jussi Haro is a visual artist who lives and works in Turku. His artistic working process is centred on material-based sculpture. That process is guided by an open-minded use of material; in his works he has, for instance, used banana boxes, car windshields and neo-Nazi stickers torn down in the street. These are typified by a superficially unserious, even humorous approach to often very weighty subjects. Haro’s works frequently address social topics and play with opposites in their choices of material. 


Haro has made the works in this new exhibition out of concrete and glass. What fascinates him about these materials is their unobtrusive commonplaceness, how they have become a fixed part of the built environment, and the way that they attract zero attention. But glass and concrete have completely opposite properties: concrete is shockproof, while glass breaks easily. In the exhibition these opposing characteristics come out strongly and their contrasting features are emphasized. In the I Want 2 Belong series Haro uses the grey mass and heaviness of concrete to deal with questions of identity, while the glass punchbag raises the theme of fragility under great pressure.


Haro graduated from the Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2018, on top of his more than 20 years’ experience of graffiti art. His works have been shown at Turku Art Museum and Kunsthalle Helsinki.